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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through New Day in Birmingham.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first requirement of a volunteer's pledge was to do what daily?
(a) Know the laws of the land and not break them.
(b) Exercise and stay in shape.
(c) Meditate on the teachings and life of Jesus.
(d) Pray for the saving grace of God.

2. When MLK and the other leaders returned to Birmingham after the run-off election, they tried to contact all their volunteers for a meeting. How many volunteers came out?
(a) About sixty-five.
(b) About seventy.
(c) About forty-five.
(d) About fifty.

3. Who is the person in Bull Connor's Birmingham that had been jailed several times and had had his home and church damaged by bombs?
(a) Martin Luther King, Jr.
(b) Bull Conner.
(c) Edward Gardner.
(d) Fred Shuttlesworth.

4. MLK states that "Undeniably, the Negro had been an object of sympathy and wore" what type of scars?
(a) Scars of a failed past.
(b) Scars of a remorseful upbringing.
(c) Scars of terrible skeletons in the closet.
(d) Scars of deep grievances.

5. When the city of Birmingham lost a case and had to open public-recreation to all its citizens, what did the authorities do?
(a) Closed down the parks.
(b) Rioted in the streets.
(c) Still left signs up that said, "no colored allowed."
(d) Appealed to the courts.

Short Answer Questions

1. MLK states that a person would conclude that Birmingham had been in what type of slumber and had been trapped for decades?

2. MLK mentions that the nation could not have been more amazed if what type of machines had turned human and stalked the lands?

3. MLK states that a person would have come to a startling conclusion if they had visited Birmingham before what date?

4. When Mahatma Gandhi and his followers had faced the guns of the British Empire in India with nonviolence how many people did they free from colonialism?

5. The Vice President of the United States is quoted saying," Emancipation was a Proclamation but" is not what?

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