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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Days to Come.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the next stage of the "crusade" that began on April 6th?
(a) A march on the city merchants.
(b) A march on the city leader's homes.
(c) A march on the city jail.
(d) A march on City Hall.

2. What does MLK say the extremists were saying while the conservatives were saying, "let us not move so fast"?
(a) "Let us go out and whip the world."
(b) "Let us go out and stand tall in front of the white man."
(c) "Let us go out and take a stand against those who have wronged us."
(d) "Let us go out and fight until death."

3. MLK describes having to tell his six-year-old daughter something with stammered speech. What is it he's talking about having to tell "your" six-year-old daughter?
(a) That she can't go to a public park.
(b) That she can't drink from a normal water fountain.
(c) That she can't eat at a regular lunch counter.
(d) Why white people beat the Negro people.

4. The merchants that were a part of the Senior Citizens Committee that met with the campaign leaders went back on their agreement. What was the rumor for the reason of what the merchants did?
(a) That they didn't think it would matter and so they went back on their agreement.
(b) That Bull Conner had threatened some of the merchants.
(c) They didn't like that not all the merchants followed the agreement so they didn't want to follow it either.
(d) That the Negros didn't follow through with their end of the agreement.

5. What does MLK claim is the "sword that heals"?
(a) Integration.
(b) Civil Rights.
(c) Equality.
(d) Nonviolence.

Short Answer Questions

1. In MLK's description of the "armies" that were marching in Birmingham, who does he say that doctors marched with?

2. In "The Negro Revolution - Why 1963," MLK states that the nation had come to count on the Negro to suffer how?

3. MLK states that a person would have come to a startling conclusion if they had visited Birmingham before what date?

4. MLK talks of people wondering "what the Negro will expect as he gains rights" and he likens the Negro people demanding more to what person?

5. In the days of slavery what does MLK say kept the Negro captive?

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