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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Bull Connor's Birmingham.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What law does MLK say the Supreme Court retreated from it's own position by approving?
(a) The Public School Law.
(b) The Integration Deliverance Law.
(c) The Negro Exclusion Law.
(d) The Pupil Placement Law.

2. Who said, "Let down your buckets where you are"?
(a) Booker T. Washington.
(b) Martin Luther King, Jr.
(c) John F. Kennedy.
(d) Rosa Parks.

3. In the beginning of the book, MLK states that the chill and frost were replaced by what type of spring?
(a) Lazy.
(b) Warm.
(c) Placid.
(d) Exuberant..

4. What does MLK describe as the ultimate tragedy of Birmingham?
(a) The silence of the good people.
(b) The brutality of the bad people.
(c) The fear of the good people.
(d) The sinfulness of the bad people.

5. The Negro Revolution is described as generating quietly just like what?
(a) An earthquake.
(b) An ocean wave.
(c) Lightning.
(d) A river.

Short Answer Questions

1. MLK states that a person would conclude that Birmingham had been in what type of slumber and had been trapped for decades?

2. In "The Sword That Heals," MLK mentions that Negroes had to face the fact that in the South they have to move without what?

3. When MLK and the other leaders returned to Birmingham after the run-off election, they tried to contact all their volunteers for a meeting. How many volunteers came out?

4. As a first step of the meetings with the white Senior Citizens Committee, some of the merchants agreed to remove what?

5. MLK states that a person would have come to a startling conclusion if they had visited Birmingham before what date?

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