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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Bull Connor's Birmingham.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who "ruled" Birmingham with terror and racist rule?
(a) Miles Anderson.
(b) George Wallace.
(c) Bull Connor.
(d) Fred Shuttlesworth

2. What does the "C" stand for in the term, "Project C"?
(a) Comfort.
(b) Compliance.
(c) Celebration.
(d) Confrontation.

3. The Vice President of the United States is quoted saying," Emancipation was a Proclamation but" is not what?
(a) A real law.
(b) A fact.
(c) Followed.
(d) An occurance.

4. What did Birmingham give up when they decided to close down the parks instead of having them integrated?
(a) Their baseball team.
(b) Their golf team.
(c) Their football team.
(d) Their soccer team.

5. In "The Negro Revolution - Why 1963," MLK states that the nation had come to count on the Negro to suffer how?
(a) Mournfully.
(b) Secretively.
(c) Easily.
(d) Silently.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Negro Revolution-Why 1963," MLK states that the Negro protesters were advised to call off their efforts and put all their energy into what?

2. At the beginning of 1963, how many negro students were attending integrated schools?

3. Who was the insurance broker that joined other Negro leaders that met with the white Senior Citizens Committee in Bull Connor's Birmingham?

4. In "The Negro Revolution - Why 1963," how many years have gone by when MLK states that humiliation cannot be expected to find "voice in a whisper"?

5. What did Wyatt Walker confer with lawyers about?

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