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Bill O'Reilly (commentator)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What show was Bill on when he had a heated discussion about celebrity responsibilities?
(a) The Today Show.
(b) The Tonight Show.
(c) The Late, Late Show.
(d) Good Morning America.

2. How does Bill describe Clinton as President?
(a) Neither inept nor micromanaging.
(b) Inept and micromanaging.
(c) Inept, but not micromanaging.
(d) Micromanaging, but not inept.

3. When does Bill think that organized religion can be a good influence?
(a) When church is attended moderately.
(b) When it is not used to belittle other religions.
(c) When church is attended consistently.
(d) When it is used to further a political agenda.

4. How do the liberal Supreme Court Justices regard the Founders' belief that America is a God fearing nation?
(a) They only agree with it when it fits in with their agenda.
(b) They do not understand it.
(c) They do not agree with it.
(d) They agree with it.

5. When Who's Looking Out for You? was written, what percentage of Americans attended a church?
(a) Fifty percent.
(b) Seventy percent.
(c) Sixty percent.
(d) Eighty percent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the new "spirit of selfishness"?

2. In the examples given in Chapter 1, the children's services department in which state allowed a child to fall through the cracks?

3. Where does Bill think the television and Internet access should be in a house with children?

4. According to Bill in Chapter 2, what should people not allow to define who they are?

5. What does Bill warn leads to disaster in the second chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Bill, what is the primary responsibility of a parent? What makes it difficult?

2. How does Bill think that people can attract and maintain good friendships?

3. What example does Bill use to show the danger of illegal immigration and the government's unwillingness to deal with it?

4. What was the weakness of Bill's father? What did Bill learn from him?

5. What problem does Bill Moyers have?

6. How did Bill's Catholic School experience contrast with his friends who attended public school?

7. How does the media coverage break down in terms of coverage and bias?

8. How does the media fuel the selfish behavior of people in Bill's opinion?

9. What happened between President Clinton and the FBI Director, Louis Freeh?

10. What example does Bill use to describe how tough it is to trust people, even those considered friends?

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