Who's Looking Out For You? Short Essay - Answer Key

Bill O'Reilly (commentator)
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1. How does Bill O'Reilly describe himself politically?

Bill O'Reilly does not subscribe or belong to any political party. He considers himself independent and skeptical of all parties.

2. Why is there a gap between legality and irresponsibility in the country?

There are many things that are legal, but irresponsible and damaging, especially to children. Some of these things include having a child out of wedlock or abandoning a child.

3. How does Bill describe his own childhood?

Bill states that his childhood was not exactly ideal, but provided him with the values needed to determine right from wrong. This was mainly due to his father's strict moral code that he objected to at times.

4. Which state allowed a child to slip through the cracks? Why?

Florida allowed a child to slip through the cracks of its child services division. Although Bill insisted the governor take action, he waited until it was politically beneficial to become involved.

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