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Bill O'Reilly (commentator)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6: The Holy War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the media and other liberal outlets reject about the Iraq War?
(a) It was waged without full U.N. backing.
(b) It was waged despite the polls showing most Americans did not approve.
(c) It was waged to prevent another terrorist attack.
(d) It was waged because of the polls showing most Americans approved of it.

2. What stand does Bill think the Catholic Church may not be willing to take?
(a) Calling out evil.
(b) Defending freedom.
(c) Calling out ignorance.
(d) Defending justice.

3. What is the new name Bill has given the hypocritical group, the ACLU?
(a) The Anti-American Civil Liberties Union.
(b) The Anti-American Corrupted Liberal Union.
(c) The Appalling Civil Liberties Union.
(d) The Awful Civil Liberties Union.

4. When Who's Looking Out for You? was written, how many unaccountable illegal aliens were estimated to be in the country?
(a) Five million.
(b) Under four million.
(c) Over eight million.
(d) Three million.

5. As stated in Chapter 4, what has led to the decline of the network news ratings?
(a) Media bias.
(b) Boring hosts.
(c) A general lack of interest in the news.
(d) The Internet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bill state he goes to church?

2. What is the basis of the Judeo-Christian philosophy that founded America?

3. What kind of a problem does Bill Moyers of PBS have?

4. What show was Bill on when he had a heated discussion about celebrity responsibilities?

5. What does Bill think many people make excuses for?

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