Daily Lessons for Teaching Who's Looking Out For You?

Bill O'Reilly (commentator)
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1: Folk Music)


Chapter 1: Folk Music

Bill O'Reilly begins Who's Looking Out for You? by discussing the family, the beginning to many of the cultural problems in America. This lesson is about how Bill was raised, the ways it influenced him in his life, and the advantages he has for being an Independent thinker.


1) Class Discussion: Where kind of a family life did Bill O'Reilly have while growing up in America? Why was this important to him? How did it influence the way he lives his life? Does the class think that Bill was raised in a household that was too strict? Why or why not?

2) Writing and Analysis: Have the class take 15 minutes and write down 3 advantages that Bill has in analyzing the news, world events, and culture because he does not subscribe to any particular political party. Discuss the answers and why Bill has been so...

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