Who's Looking Out For You? Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Bill O'Reilly (commentator)
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Essay Topic 1

Bill O'Reilly makes it clear that he is not associated with any political party and his job as an analyst requires him to bring a certain amount of skepticism to all political situations and events.

- Describe the different political opinions that Bill has in defining himself as an Independent.

- Explain why his independent mindset gives him an advantage over other analysts in covering world events.

Essay Topic 2

According to Bill, the basic cause of many problems in the country is a bad family life.

- Provide at least three examples of the division between legality and irresponsibility in parenting.

- Analyze the negative effects of children born out of wedlock using the statistics and information provided in the book.

- Describe the cycle of abuse that Bill refers to in parenting, why it is so difficult to deal with, and the ways it is...

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