Who's Looking Out For You? Character Descriptions

Bill O'Reilly (commentator)
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Bill O'Reilly

This person is the author of the book who grew up in a family with strict rules that provided a strong moral center.

George W. Bush

This person is the President that the author describes as a "good guy" who looks out for the country.

Cardinal Law

This person was an Archbishop of Boston who saw the local Catholic Churches through the pedophile priest scandals of the late 1990s.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

This person, involved in numerous scandals, was the thrust behind the government move towards socialized health care.

Bill Clinton

This person is the President who became embroiled in several scandals, and was in office during the Internet boom.

Al Gore

This person lost the 2000 Presidential election after several recounts.

William O'Reilly Sr.

This is one of the author's parents and a very influential figure because of their independent work as an accountant and the...

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