Who's Looking Out For You? Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bill O'Reilly (commentator)
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Chapter 1: Folk Music

• Bill O'Reilly introduces himself as an independent thinker who questions politics and exposes wrong doings.
• The issue of wedlock is given as an example of the gap between legality and irresponsibility.
• Bill recounts his childhood and the moral standards he grew up with.

Chapter 2: It's My Party

• The selfishness of people is compared to the values of previous generations.
• Bill provides tips on how to attract and maintain good friendships.
• The importance of having trustworthy friends is discussed as Bill has learned from his father's approach to life.

Chapter 3: My Country 'Tis of Thee

• Self-responsibility and limited government have been replaced by entitlement spending and corruption.
• Bill demonstrates how politics have been chosen over the safety of the country on a number of occasions.
• Bill evaluates Clinton's presidency and gives his opinion of President Bush.

Chapter 4: Your Right to Know

• The irresponsible media makes it...

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