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Quantico, Virginia

This place is the location of the FBI Academy founded in 1972.


This group was the beginning of what became the profiling unit of the FBI.


This group was founded in 1908, but it did not become active on a national scene until J. Edgar Hoover took over in the 1930s.

Serial Killer

This person, almost always a man, kills more than three people as the result of a compulsive fantasy, not because of more traditional motives.

Green Beret

This is the nickname for the United States Special Forces. Many ex-group members go on to join SWAT teams.


These teams are the paramilitary part of a police force called in to deal with a serious crisis, such as a hostage situation.

Organized Killers

This group is a category of killers created by Ressler. They tend to plan out their murders and kill in a systematic...

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