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Profiling Yourself

Pretend you are Ressler and create a profile for yourself.

The History of Profiling

Write a short history of profiling. Include other experts like Ressler who helped to bring validity to the process.

Portrait of a Serial Killer

Choose a serial killer and write a report about them.

Staging a Room

Stage a room to look like nothing has happened there when, in fact, something is different than it was before. Take before and after pictures to see if other students can find the difference(s).

Note to a Serial Killer

Write a note to a serial killer asking questions that you would like answered.

A New Cover for the Book

Create a new cover for the book that is based on its content.

A Profile for Ressler

Create a profile for Ressler. Use your research skills to find out if the profile is correct.

Serial Killer Tips

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