Whoever Fights Monsters Character Descriptions

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Robert Ressler

This person is the main character of this book and the author.

Richard Chase

This person is the prototypical disorganized killer. He came from a home where his mother and father continually fought, and his mother accused his father of trying to poison her.

William Heirens

This person was a young man who would later be called the lipstick killer for the messages he would write in lipstick on the walls of some of his victims.

Charles Manson

This person was the leader of a cult of hippies that he assembled in the desert of California. He gave them drugs and sex and then organized and inspired several murders.

Sirhan Sirhan

This person was the assassin of Robert Kennedy.

David Berkowitz

This person was the notorious Son of Sam killer who stalked women in cars and shot them from behind in New York City.

Ted Bundy

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