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Chapter 1 The Vampire Killer

• Terry Wallin is murdered in a vicious way, and Robert Ressler is brought in to solve the case.

• Ressler created a profile of the murderer, saying that he was a white male, psychotic who walked to the scene of the crime.

• Richard Chase was caught and dubbed the Vampire Killer.

Chapter 2 Whoever Fights Monsters...

• Ressler was fascinated by a man who was called the Lipstick Killer because of the messages he wrote on the walls of his victims.

• Ressler went on to college and eventually was an MP before studying criminology.

• Ressler also was recruited by the FBI.

• Eventually, Ressler began to teach new recruits the psychology of killers.

• William Heirens, a killer, was interviewed by Ressler.

Chapter 3 Interviews with Murderers

• Ressler was once in a dangerous situation with a killer and talked his way out of it.

• Charles Manson was also interviewed by...

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