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Burton L. Mack
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mack claim the author of Acts found, in terms of an answer to what Christianity owed to Jewish history?
(a) The concept of sacrifice.
(b) The laws of purity.
(c) The Christ myth.
(d) A reliance on righteousness.

2. What does canon mean?
(a) A book of history.
(b) Norm or standard.
(c) A religious book.
(d) A date or time.

3. When does Mack argue Mark's gospel was written?
(a) After the Roman-Jewish war.
(b) During the fourth century.
(c) Prior to the birth of Christ.
(d) Before the Roman-Jewish war.

4. What is the term for "a small group of writings believes to have been written by bishops and others" who knew the apostles?
(a) Martyrdoms.
(b) Apostolic Fathers.
(c) Revelations.
(d) Successions.

5. How did Mark portray Jesus?
(a) As a backdrop to Jewish scripture.
(b) As a teacher.
(c) As a powerful authority figure.
(d) As a God.

Short Answer Questions

1. What collection of early Christian texts does the Didache now belong to?

2. When does Mack claim most of the works discussed in Chapter 8 were written?

3. What does Mack claim both Marcion and Valentinus offered?

4. Why does Mack argue Jesus' death is qualitatively different from all other deaths of the prophets?

5. What is the common core of the Jewish scriptures?

Short Essay Questions

1. What two strong desires drove Christianity?

2. What does Mack say about the "overwhelming concern" in the Didache about the practice of alms, gift giving, and supporting those who ask for hand outs?

3. Explain the observations Mack claims are important about Mark's use of the pronouncement stories.

4. Describe the situation in the empire since the reign of Caligula, in terms of the political mood of the Jews.

5. Describe Matthew's depiction of Jesus.

6. What did the Jewish scripture available to early Christians consist of?

7. What was Marcion of Sinope's logic, in terms of his views of two Gods, and what to do about the Jewish contamination in the gospels?

8. What were the common values contained in both the temple system of sacrifice and the family system of rituals that allowed the translation of one into the other?

9. What two values are integrated in the Letters of Ignatius, and what is the result?

10. What was Valentinus' story of the tragedy of the birth of the world?

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