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Burton L. Mack
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What list became the Christian Bible?
(a) The list of Eusebius.
(b) The letter of Trier.
(c) The list of Jerome's translations.
(d) The Festal Letter of Athenasius.

2. What is Ignatius' second appeal in his letters to the churches?
(a) For the congregations to obey their bishops.
(b) For the congregations to become martyrs.
(c) For the congregations to pray for Ignatius.
(d) For the congregations to rise up against Rome.

3. What is different about Peter in comparison to Jude?
(a) It is more violent.
(b) It clarifies the opponents more clearly.
(c) It is more socially demoralizing.
(d) It is completely different in content.

4. When does Mack claim most of the works discussed in Chapter 8 were written?
(a) The second, third, and fourth centuries.
(b) The eighth, ninth, and tenth centuries.
(c) The first century.
(d) The fifth century.

5. What does the gospel of Matthew argue Jesus' teachings were based on?
(a) The gospel of Luke.
(b) The gospel of Q.
(c) The Torah.
(d) The gospel of Mark.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Justin say about the treatment of the Jews by God, in terms of the fall of the temple and the diaspora?

2. Where did Justin claim the Greek philosophers received their wisdom?

3. During the time of the writing of Revelations, what does Mack argue the Christians were being accused of by the Romans?

4. What does Mack claim is Mark's greatest achievement?

5. Who does Mack argue at the end of Chapter 8 became the beloved disciple?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence does Mack put forth that the attempts to move into mainstream Christianity worked?

2. What are the significant differences between the Pauline and Johannine traditions, as discussed by Mack in chapter 8?

3. Describe Matthew's depiction of Jesus.

4. What were the four ways of reading the scripture that supported the Christian inclusion of Jewish scripture in their religion?

5. What are the major points of the sermons contained in the Acts, according to Mack?

6. What are the four types of miracle interpretation occurring in the Gospel of John?

7. What does Mack say about the "overwhelming concern" in the Didache about the practice of alms, gift giving, and supporting those who ask for hand outs?

8. What is Mack's argument about why John wrote Revelations?

9. What are the three themes that dominate the story of Jesus and his resurrection in the Gospel of Luke?

10. What did the Jewish scripture available to early Christians consist of?

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