Who Wrote the New Testament?: The Making of the Christian Myth Test | Final Test - Medium

Burton L. Mack
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Centrists seek to prove to the challengers?
(a) That God did not exist.
(b) That the Christian God was the same as the Jewish God.
(c) That God cared only for the Jews.
(d) That the Christian God was not the same as the Jewish God.

2. Why did the literature that the early bishops threw out survive?
(a) It was protected by the Romans.
(b) Christians continued to read it.
(c) Jews preserved it.
(d) It was protected by other bishops.

3. How does John portray Jesus, according to Mack?
(a) As a teacher.
(b) As a cosmic Lord.
(c) As the spirit of God.
(d) As a powerful ruler.

4. What is the term for "a small group of writings believes to have been written by bishops and others" who knew the apostles?
(a) Successions.
(b) Apostolic Fathers.
(c) Martyrdoms.
(d) Revelations.

5. Why are the Epistles of Peter and Jude called the Catholic epistles?
(a) They were addressed to the Pope.
(b) They were specific to the Catholic church.
(c) They were letters of the Catholic disciples.
(d) They were addressed to Christians in general.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word is used to imply the significance of the miracle stories in the Gospel of John?

2. What does Mack believe the authors intended to convey by having Peter and James defend Paul's ideas about Jewish law?

3. What is the common core of the Jewish scriptures?

4. What became an interest for early third century scholars?

5. In Revelations, who was found worthy enough to open the seven seals?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Mack's argument about why John wrote Revelations?

2. What are the three themes that dominate the story of Jesus and his resurrection in the Gospel of Luke?

3. What were the two key arguments that the centrists tried to use against the non-centrist positions of Valentinus and Marcion?

4. What are the standard writing conventions used in the Acts of the Apostles?

5. What two values are integrated in the Letters of Ignatius, and what is the result?

6. What was Marcion of Sinope's logic, in terms of his views of two Gods, and what to do about the Jewish contamination in the gospels?

7. What are the major points of the sermons contained in the Acts, according to Mack?

8. Describe the situation in the empire since the reign of Caligula, in terms of the political mood of the Jews.

9. Explain the observations Mack claims are important about Mark's use of the pronouncement stories.

10. What did the Jewish scripture available to early Christians consist of?

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