Who Wrote the New Testament?: The Making of the Christian Myth Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Burton L. Mack
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Paul's' letter to the Romans different from his other letters?
(a) The letter was written in anger.
(b) He wrote the Romans for different reasons.
(c) He wrote the Romans to ask for funding.
(d) The letter was not written by Paul.

2. What does Mack suggest the taking up of residence in Jerusalem signifies for the group?
(a) A loyalty to the Pharisee.
(b) A religious agenda.
(c) A disrespect for Jewish tradition.
(d) A political agenda.

3. What does Mack claim the Jews had done since the time of David and Solomon?
(a) Lied about their origins to gain social standing.
(b) Recounted their original epic history to retain truth.
(c) Revised their epic history.
(d) Participated in social change.

4. What do Paul's letters to the Romans represent?
(a) A plea for the Romans to accept Christianity.
(b) A complete statement of his religious ideas.
(c) An angry accusation of lewdness and persecution.
(d) A defense against other missionaries.

5. What does Mack claim about the image of Christ asking his disciples to eat and drink of him?
(a) It is imaginary.
(b) It is literary.
(c) It is historical.
(d) It is impossible.

6. What was contained in the "Jefferson Bible"?
(a) Only the teachings of Jesus.
(b) Only the sections prior to the New Testament.
(c) Only the creation myths.
(d) Only the Books of the Prophets.

7. What two Gods from different cultures were seen to be the same?
(a) Philo and Alexandria.
(b) Athena and Zeus.
(c) Hermes and Thoth.
(d) Osiris and Isis.

8. What are the two activities Mack gives credit to in terms of the creation of Christian beliefs?
(a) Social disintegration and intellectual stimulus.
(b) Apocalyptic preaching and fantasy.
(c) Social formation and mythmaking.
(d) Social conflict and experimentation.

9. What did Paul's argument do to Jews and Christians?
(a) Set Jews in opposition to Christians.
(b) Put the two together in brotherhood.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Made the two into one religion.

10. Which group makes up the fifth of the Jesus Movements?
(a) The Pillars in Jerusalem
(b) The Jewish.
(c) The People of Q.
(d) The disciples of Thomas.

11. What role did women play in associations?
(a) Women served as members, patrons, and leaders.
(b) Women played the role of caretaker to the association.
(c) Women played a role supportive to the men.
(d) Women played no role in associations.

12. What was Paul's view on circumcision for the Gentiles?
(a) Paul felt the Gentiles should be circumcised.
(b) Paul let the pillars of Jerusalem answer the question of circumcision.
(c) Paul felt there was no need to circumcise the Gentiles.
(d) Paul never answered the question of circumcision.

13. What feature of the Jerusalem group allows readers to build a profile?
(a) The leaders' religions are known.
(b) The leaders' names are known.
(c) The leaders' political ambitions are known.
(d) The leaders' home states are known.

14. Where does evidence for the Christ cult come from?
(a) The Gospel of Thomas.
(b) Letters of Paul written in the 50s.
(c) The Sayings of Q.
(d) The Dead Sea Scrolls.

15. What does Mack claim about the various groups that formed in the schools of Jesus?
(a) They were experimental.
(b) They were disciples of Jesus.
(c) They were sent by God.
(d) They were dangerous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What problem did Paul define as the human problem?

2. What does Mack claim about the authors of the sections in the New Testament?

3. What was Paul's first argument against the idea that Christians should practice Jewish law?

4. How did the Christ cult differ form the Jesus movement?

5. When does Mack claim the books of the New Testament were written?

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