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Richard Elliott Friedman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What supernatural tales are left out by Author P?
(a) tales of Aaron's golden calf.
(b) tales of miracles done in Egypt.
(c) tales of God talking directly to Moses.
(d) tales of dreams, talking animals and angels.

2. What was different about the religion of the Jews and those of other nations?
(a) its popularity.
(b) its dogmatism.
(c) its longevity.
(d) its monotheism.

3. What did Ezra claim about his copy of the Torah?
(a) it was incomplete.
(b) it was completely written by Moses.
(c) it was the work of his own hand.
(d) it was a new revelation from God.

4. Why does Friedman conclude that P was written during King Hezekiah's reign?
(a) the fact that P puts its emphasis on centralized religion.
(b) the fact that P favors dispersed sacrificial centers.
(c) the fact that P dates himself in his writing.
(d) the fact that P reveres the Mosiac priesthood.

5. How does every book in the Pentateuch begin?
(a) with J stories.
(b) with P stories.
(c) with genealogies.
(d) with disclaimers.

6. According to Friedman's theory, when does that place Author P in time?
(a) during the time of the first Temple.
(b) during the time of the conquest of Canaan.
(c) during the time of the exile.
(d) during the time of King David.

7. What does the revision to Deuteronomy explain?
(a) the places where the law can be found.
(b) the reason for the exile much later.
(c) the signs to look for before the exile.
(d) the reason the Davidic Covenant would be broken.

8. Why does Friedman hold early Biblical scholars in high esteem?
(a) they made their judgements from English translations.
(b) they studied ancient languages.
(c) what they had done correctly outweighs their mistakes.
(d) they got everything right about the authors of the Bible.

9. What does Friedman say about Jeremiah's familiarity with Author P before the exile?
(a) that Jeremiah got his material from Author P.
(b) that Jeremiah admired what he had done.
(c) that Jeremiah never heard of him.
(d) that Jeremiah was hostile toward the priestly author.

10. Why does Baruch Halpern eliminate the possibility that a king had written Deuteronomy?
(a) it lacks the authority of a king.
(b) it has restrictions a king would not put upon himself.
(c) it has the language of common people.
(d) it vows there will never be a king in Israel.

11. Where do the authors D and E write that Moses received the Ten Commandments?
(a) Mt. Sinai.
(b) Mt. Horeb.
(c) Mt. Zion.
(d) Mt. Olives.

12. From where do the priests of the northern kingdom trace their ancestry?
(a) back to Jacob.
(b) back to Joseph.
(c) back to Moses.
(d) back to Noah.

13. How does Friedman see Julius Wellhausen's summary of the second Temple theory for Author P?
(a) it was logical, coherent, persuasive--and wrong.
(b) it was logical but ignored major evidence.
(c) it did not hold together logically.
(d) it was illogical, poorly put together, and confusing.

14. Who writes his book in much the same way that Deuteronomy had been written?
(a) David.
(b) Jeremiah.
(c) Josiah.
(d) Samuel.

15. Who is most likely the redactor for the entire Pentateuch?
(a) Hezekiah.
(b) Jeremiah.
(c) Samuel.
(d) Ezra.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did it take hundreds of years for anyone to suspect there was more than one writer involved in the written Torah?

2. Which group of priests do the writers J and P favor?

3. What does Friedman show about the Tabernacle and the Temple?

4. What is Freidman's analogy to the problem of the fall of Judah?

5. What does Jeremiah mention in his writing that none of the other prophets mention?

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