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Richard Elliott Friedman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does it appear that doublets have been treated to form the Bible?
(a) they have simply been ignored.
(b) they have been left out of the text.
(c) they have been cut and reduced to make one story.
(d) the best one has been selected to include.

2. Who proposed three historical stages for the development of Israel?
(a) Savanerola.
(b) Spinoza.
(c) Julius Wellhausen.
(d) Friedman.

3. What was the book priest Hilkiah said he found in the Temple?
(a) Genesis.
(b) Exodus.
(c) Deuteronomy.
(d) the Torah.

4. Why was the pressure to unite under a King?
(a) the proplem of tribal disunity.
(b) the need to be like the Egyptians.
(c) the rule of law.
(d) the might of the Philistines.

5. In what way was Yahweh different from the gods of the people around the Hebrews?
(a) Yahweh has fewer oracles.
(b) Yahweh is not associated with any natural force.
(c) Yahweh cannot speak to the people.
(d) Yahweh disallows statues.

6. Why does Cross propose that Deuteronomy was written during the reign of King Josiah?
(a) at that time things were looking rosy for the kingdom.
(b) at that time there was a need for more information.
(c) at that time writers had more time to write.
(d) at that time scholarship was prevelent in the kingdom.

7. In short, what is the difference in the two different accounts of events in Genesis?
(a) Author E lived many centuries before Author J.
(b) Author J was an enemy of author E.
(c) Author J had limited knowledge of Hebrew history.
(d) Author E favored Israel, while Author J favored Judah.

8. Why does Author E's writing about God's commandment cast doubt on the golden cherubs of Judah?
(a) it omits the commandment about carved images.
(b) it praises only cast gold like the northern calves.
(c) it condemns plating with gold a carved image.
(d) it condemns making of images to worship.

9. What effect did the first suggestions that more than one writer wrote the Pentateuch have on Christian clergy?
(a) they believed they were answering questions.
(b) they agreed with the new scholarship.
(c) they thought it explained a lot about scripture.
(d) they rejected the idea.

10. Why is the authorship of the Bible a comparatively recent field of study?
(a) for centuries people never read the Bible.
(b) for centuries no one really read the Bible.
(c) for centuries the clergy accepted the pat answers.
(d) for centuries the authorship was a guarded secret.

11. What do scholars call two different versions of the same story?
(a) a contradiction.
(b) a doublet.
(c) a puzzle.
(d) a repetition.

12. What is the status of Aaron in the narrative of Author E?
(a) it is objectionable status.
(b) it is hero status.
(c) it is insignificant status.
(d) it is sinful status.

13. What does Friedman suggest the combination of the two writers symbolizes?
(a) the Babylonian captivity.
(b) the destruction of Jerusalem.
(c) the changes in Jewish thinking.
(d) the reuniting of the Jewish people.

14. Why did Author E get his designation?
(a) he never uses the singular for God.
(b) he always refers to God, El, or Elohim.
(c) he refers to God as Edom.
(d) his fist name was Elgar.

15. What observation did Thomas Hobbes make about certain language in the Bible.
(a) phrases like "to this day" are used to talk about the past.
(b) the language is unquestionably uniform.
(c) phrases like "to this day" could only come from God.
(d) the language indicates little change in usage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the political structure for the Israelites?

2. What is seen in the Author E story of Jacob's blessing of his sons and grandsons?

3. How is King Josiah killed?

4. What does the Author J's story of Noah do that the Author E's story does not?

5. What is seen in the Author J story of Jacob's blessing of his sons and grandsons?

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