Who Wrote the Bible? Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard Elliott Friedman
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Introduction Who Wrote the Bible?

• A definition of the Bible as the most published book in the world, strong in both history and literature.

• An apology for the writing of WHO WROTE THE BIBLE? based on traditional misconceptions and reasons for knowing when and by whom it was written.
• Arguments against the traditional idea that Moses wrote the Pentateuch.

• Resistance to early suggestions that there were multiple writers of the Torah or Pentateuch.
• Three perspectives--literary, moral, and theological--are the main questions of scholarly investigation of the Bible.

• Theological perspective raises many questions as to how the Torah and subsequent books of the Bible came into being.

Chapter 1 The World That Produced the Bible: 1200-722 B.C.

• Hebrew history is longer than the 1200 B.C. from which a recorded history begins.

• Hebrews are classified by monotheism, tribal politics, and a loose system of jurisprudence.
• Samuel is the last judge...

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