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Alan Armstrong
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ben react when Marion tells him about her meeting with his teacher?
(a) He gets mad and yells at her.
(b) He doesn't seem surprised or upset.
(c) He tries to make a joke out of it.
(d) He pretends not to hear her and won't talk.

2. What does the cat wear on her leg immediately after the operation?
(a) A cast.
(b) A sling.
(c) A bandage.
(d) A splint.

3. What disease does Aramis contract in the spring?
(a) Strangles.
(b) Rain rot.
(c) Heartwater.
(d) Equine influenza.

4. What does Ben compare his reading lessons to?
(a) Climbing a mountain.
(b) Coming in out of the dark.
(c) Reaching for a brass ring.
(d) Learning to play a piano.

5. What does Miss O'Brian do with the words of Keith's story?
(a) She puts them on flash cards for him to practice.
(b) She removes every other word for him to fill in.
(c) She jumbles them up for him to reorganize them.
(d) She draws them from a bucket and asks him to read them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wakens the injured animal?

2. What gift does Fitzwarren accept from Dick?

3. Who did Mary's husband leave his money to in his will?

4. What book does Ben finish the Friday before Labor Day?

5. What does the Lady say isn't everything?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bernie react to finding the new animals in the barn after the livestock auction?

2. What does Dick notice about the cat while the operation is going on?

3. How does Ben react to the prospect of being sent to special ed classes?

4. What does Sir Louis do when he notices that Dick is interested in his daughter?

5. What trip does Whittington say he must take?

6. In what way does Ben pet Whittington, and how does Whittington respond?

7. How did Mary's husband die?

8. What effect do the bells have on Dick as he heads down the river to try to see Mary?

9. What is Ben's plan to stay with his class?

10. What did Dick Whittington spend his fortune on in his last years?

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