Objects & Places from Whittington

Alan Armstrong
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The Barn

This becomes home, at least for a while, to the wandering Whittington, and in this place he learns the value of friendship and compassion through the animals who make their home and their lives there as the result of the compassion shown to them by Bernie, the farmer.

The Texaco Station

This is where Bernie works and where Havey is kept during the day.

The Pond

This is the spot near the barn where The Lady meets Gent and where she spends most of her time with him even after their children are born.

The Fable of the Lion and the Rat

The Lady refers to this when discussing why Whittington and the other barn animals should enter into a truce with the rats.

The Registered Letter, Reading Recovery

This informs Bernie and Marion of how serious Ben's troubles with reading actually are and triggers the...

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