Whittington Fun Activities

Alan Armstrong
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The Ancestral History of a Pet

Write an ancestral history of a pet you've owned, similar to the histories the animals tell Whittington when they are introduced to him in the barn.

One of Dick's Adventures

Write an adventure that Dick Whittington has that's not included in Whittington's tales in the novel.

Lost Cat Poster

Make a lost cat poster that Whittington's former owner might make to try to find Whittington again.

One of Dick's Cat's Adventures

Write an adventure that Dick's cat has in Tripoli during the time he is separated from Dick.

Mary's Token

Draw a picture of what you think Mary's token must look like. Write a note that Mary might keep with her token, to be handed down to her daughter.

A Map of Dick's Travels

Make a map of Dick's travels, marking important events that take place.

Whittington Movie Poster

Make a poster...

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