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Alan Armstrong
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Essay Topic 1

Grief and loss are important issues that the characters in the novel face. Discuss grief and loss.

1) How do Ben and Abby deal with their grief over the loss of their mother and father? How do they react to loss and how does loss affect them?

2) How does Dick Whittington react to loss, including the losses from the plague, his sense of loss of his home, the loss of Mary, and the loss of his cat? How does loss affect him?

3) How do other characters, including the Lady and Whittington, deal with loss?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss friendship in the novel.

1) How do Whittington and the Lady become friends? How is their friendship important to them? How does it affect them and the other animals in the barn?

2) How and why do Dick Whittington and his cat become friends? How does their friendship affect Dick?

3) What other...

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