Whittington Character Descriptions

Alan Armstrong
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This lonely and physically unsteady cat is the central character of the novel's main plot line and the narrator of its subplot, and over the course of the novel, this character recovers emotionally and physically while developing friendships.

Whittington's Boy

This character owned one of the animal characters, and the two cared about each other very much, but were separated by circumstances.

Bernie, Marion

These characters are a farmer and wife who own the land and the barn where the animal characters take refuge.

Abby, Ben

These two children live with their grandparents following their mother's death and the disappearance of their father, and both children exhibit emotional difficulties as the result of being in this upsetting situation.

The Lady, Gent

These characters are ducks, and one is the calm and rational, clever and wise primary authority figure in the barn.

Coraggio, Blackie, Brahms

These characters are...

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