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Judith McNaught
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Still angry with Whitney, what does Clayton consider doing in Chapter 35?
(a) Taking on a mistress.
(b) Letting her go back to Paul.
(c) Divorcing her.
(d) Destroying her father financially.

2. Who is Clayton rumored to be marrying?
(a) Marie St. Allermain.
(b) Margaret.
(c) Lady Lansberry.
(d) Vanessa Standfield.

3. What kind of ring does Clayton give Whitney?
(a) A ruby ring.
(b) A diamond ring.
(c) A sapphire ring.
(d) An emerald ring.

4. What does Clayton do when he and Whitney run into each other in London in Chapter 28?
(a) Clayton ignores her.
(b) Clayton smiles and waves.
(c) Clayton watches her sadly.
(d) Clayton makes small talk with her.

5. What is Clayton told is the reason why Whitney traveled to London?
(a) To attend a friend's party.
(b) To prepare for her wedding to Paul.
(c) To elope.
(d) To buy a horse.

6. What does Stephen recommend Whitney do so that she can speak to Clayton alone?
(a) Hide in Clayton's room.
(b) Anger Clayton.
(c) Feign illness so Clayton will escort her home.
(d) Ask Clayton to give her a tour of the house.

7. What style is Whitney's wedding dress?
(a) Medieval style.
(b) Egyptian-inspired.
(c) Greek-inspired.
(d) Regency style.

8. How does Whitney feel about Clayton's reaction to her when they run into each other?
(a) Amused.
(b) Heartbroken.
(c) Angered.
(d) Relieved.

9. What is Clayton's mother's name?
(a) Rebecca.
(b) Alicia.
(c) Lydia.
(d) Olivia.

10. What do Whitney and Clayton promise to each other in Chapter 36?
(a) Not to fight again.
(b) Not to be jealous should they take other lovers.
(c) To throw out old letters.
(d) To take a trip to Paris.

11. What causes Whitney to go into labor?
(a) A fall from a carriage.
(b) Stress over her father's death.
(c) Illness.
(d) A fall down some stairs.

12. How does Whitney feel about telling Clayton she is pregnant?
(a) Embarrassed.
(b) Nervous.
(c) Scared.
(d) Excited.

13. In Chapter 34, what do the servants refuse to allow Whitney to do on orders from Clayton?
(a) Drink alcohol.
(b) Leave her room.
(c) Ride her horse.
(d) Visit her father.

14. Who is Emily Kendall?
(a) The sister of the Duke of Gloucester.
(b) The daughter of the Duke of Lansberry.
(c) Whitney's cousin.
(d) Clayton's former mistress.

15. What is the name of Clayton's mother's estate?
(a) Carriage Park.
(b) Bolton House.
(c) Alnwick Manor.
(d) Grand Oak.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal does Whitney come across as she walks the park paths alone?

2. What does Whitney tell Clayton in the letter that Emily convinces her not to post?

3. Who declares that Clayton, "thinks he's the King of England"?

4. What does Paul intend to do with Whitney's dowry?

5. Where does Whitney stay in London?

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