Whitney, My Love Fun Activities

Judith McNaught
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Time Line

Create a time line mapping out important events in the story. Illustrate (with a photo, clipping, drawing, etc.) each point you add to the time line.

Creative Writing

Choose a favorite scene from the novel and rewrite it set in another time and/or place, or written in a different literary style.

Advice Column

Have students create a "Dear Abby" type letter in either Whitney's or Clayton's voice asking for advice concerning any aspect of her/his life, at any point in her/his life. Once every student has come up with a question, distribute the questions randomly among the students and have them write responses in an advice column style.

Movie Casting

Have students select a cast of actors and actresses for a film version of "Whitney, My Love" . Use photographs and/or drawings of the selected cast members to create a movie poster for...

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