Whitney, My Love Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Judith McNaught
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Part 1, England 1816: Chapters 1-2

• The reader is introduced to the protagonist of the novel, Whitney Stone.

• Whitney's aunt and uncle arrive at the Stone Estate.

• Whitney is caught on a horse riding bare back and wearing men's trousers.

• Whitney tries to impress Paul, but his feelings for her remain unchanged.

• Whitney tries not to embarrass herself in front of her aunt and uncle and does not speak to them for days.

• Whitney learns that she is to go to Paris with Lord and Lady Gilbert.

• The neighbors warn Lady and Lord Gilbert about Whitney.

• Whitney and Paul say their goodbyes.

• Whitney vows to become the belle of Paris to convince Paul to marry her.

Part 2, France 1816-1820: Chapters 3-8

• In Part 2, Whitney arrives in Paris and is very impressed with her new room.

• After a few weeks, Whitney finds herself getting along very well with her aunt and...

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