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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Poppy describe the way Magid dresses?
(a) Rumpled.
(b) Stylish.
(c) Severe.
(d) Colorful.

2. Which of these did Archie not use to barter for food?
(a) Chocolate.
(b) Pictures of pin-up girls.
(c) Medals.
(d) Cigarettes.

3. What does Mr. Hamilton accuse Millat of lying about?
(a) Where he lives.
(b) How often he brushes his teeth.
(c) His mother's native country.
(d) His father's army experience.

4. What is Clara Bowden's one imperfection?
(a) Her hair has gone prematurely gray.
(b) She has a squeaky, irritating voice.
(c) She has no upper teeth.
(d) She has a large birthmark on her arm.

5. Where does Alsana's niece work?
(a) The laundromat.
(b) The cobbler's.
(c) The local pub.
(d) The dry-cleaner's.

6. What do the children say when they rub their palms against one another's foreheads?
(a) "Stupid."
(b) "Smarty-pants."
(c) "Silly."
(d) "Shame."

7. What does Archie see as an omen?
(a) A black cat hanging around his yard.
(b) A postcard from an old Army friend.
(c) A letter from Horst Ibelgaufts.
(d) A winning scratch ticket.

8. Where did Samad and Archie meet?
(a) In the army.
(b) As children.
(c) In college.
(d) At a local pub.

9. What household appliance does Archie fix before leaving his marital home for the last time?
(a) A washing machine.
(b) A window fan.
(c) A vacuum cleaner.
(d) A blender.

10. On what game does Archie score the highest number of points ever?
(a) Foosball.
(b) Pac-Man.
(c) Space Invaders.
(d) Pinball.

11. What is Millat wearing when Samad drives him to school?
(a) A headpiece video game.
(b) A cowboy hat.
(c) Sunglasses.
(d) A baseball cap.

12. Where do Samad and Poppy have their second private meeting?
(a) Her office.
(b) Westminster Abbey.
(c) The restaurant where he works.
(d) Harlesden Clock.

13. What does Poppy give to Samad while they are sitting on the bench?
(a) Chocolates.
(b) Pajamas.
(c) A book.
(d) A toothbrush.

14. What was served at O'Connell's on New Year's as a "seasonal bonus"?
(a) Bacon.
(b) Champagne.
(c) Steak.
(d) Turkey.

15. What do the children take with them when they leave Mr. Hamilton's?
(a) His tea biscuits.
(b) Their apples.
(c) An army medal.
(d) A puppy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the townspeople call the former Nazi hiding in a house near the village?

2. What is the one place where Samad feels most comfortable in the weeks after meeting Poppy?

3. How long did Alsana know Samad before they married?

4. What does Archie buy to celebrate his impending fatherhood?

5. What is all over the walls inside the building where Samad and Archie sleep?

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