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1. What is Mo Hussein-Ishmael's connection to Archie?

Mo Hussein-Ishmael owns the butcher shop located next to where Archie has chosen to kill himself in his car. Upon seeing the car blocking his delivery lane, Mo send his son down to move the car but when he finds out that Archie is attempting suicide, he forces the window down and saves Archie's life.

2. How does Archie know Horst Ibelgaufts?

Archie and Horst Ibelgaufts competed against one another in the 1948 London Olympics; they tied for thirteenth place. After the race, they went out drinking together and afterward continued their relationship for many years through written correspondence.

3. What is the "End of the World Party 1975"?

"The End of the World Party 1975" is a New Year's Eve bash held by a commune-type group of people in a house in suburbia.

4. Describe Clara Bowden.

Clara Bowden is a very tall, beautiful black woman with long hair that she wears in a braid pinned into a horseshoe. She has no upper teeth. The morning she meets Archie, she is wearing a short red halter, tight yellow jeans, and strappy sandals.

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