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The Hussein-Ishmael

This is the butcher shop outside of which Archie attempts to commit suicide.

The Watchtower

This is a secular magazine published by Jehovah's Witnesses.

Letters from Horst Ibelgaufts

This is a series of documents that Archie believes are somehow psychically relevant to the events in his life.

Ryan's Scooter

This is what Clara was riding on when she lost her top teeth.

The Palace

This is the restaurant where Samad works as the head waiter.


This is the cafe/bar where Samad and Archie often spend their evenings.

Santa Antonia Church

This is the building where Hortense was born during the infamous Kingston earthquake of 1907 in Jamaica.

Glenard Oak Comprehensive School

This is a building named for the successful businessman who initially intended it to be used to educate Jamaicans.

Gangster Movies

This is Millat's favorite form of entertainment.


This is a genetically altered...

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