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Part One, Archie, 1974, 1945, Chapter 1, The Peculiar Second Marriage of Archie Jones,

• Archie Jones attempts suicide in his car by filtering carbon monoxide into the car with a hose while parked on a side street in London, New Year's Day, 1975.

• He is saved by a local butcher, who wants the car out of his delivery zone.

• Feeling as if he has a new lease on life, Archie drives off without a destination to enjoy his new beginning.

• We learn that Archie is a WWII veteran in his forties, recently divorced from an Italian woman he met while stationed there who has since gone mad, and a former track cyclist who competed in the Olympics.

• We briefly meet, via flashback, Archie's friend Samad, who had advised him several days earlier to start a new life.

• Archie ends up at a commune where the residents are just awaking from their New...

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