White Oleander Fun Activities

Janet Fitch
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Ingrid's Poetry

When Ingrid is angry with Barry, she writes poetry and crumples it up. Now it's your turn to write poetry. Write a poem you believe Ingrid would write after Barry drops her. Share it with the rest of the class.

Astrid's Drawings

Astrid sends drawings to Ingrid when she is in prison. Imagine a picture that Astrid would send her and draw it. Consider Astrid's emotions and the family situation around her as she draws.

Character Portrait

The novel White Oleander is full of characters that are described in detail. Using a physical description from the book, create a portrait of one of the novel's characters.

White Oleander On Stage

Act out a scene from the novel in a group of three or four students. Put your own spin on one scene to make it unique to your group.

White Oleanders

Consider the importance of white...

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