White Oleander Character Descriptions

Janet Fitch
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Astrid Magnussen

This character is the protagonist of the novel and starts the novel as a 12-year-old.

Ingrid Magnussen

This character has pale blond hair as white as glacier milk and is a writer.

Barry Kolker

This character has dark hair pulled into a curly ponytail and is a famous writer.


This character is inside all the time and is an actor.

Mrs. Campbell

This character runs a group home and is very thin.


This character is a foster parent who is busty, leggy, and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.


This character is skinny, freckled, and wears glasses.


This character is 16 years old and hangs out with a wild crowd.


This character served in Vietnam.

Marvel Turlock

This character is a foster home parent who sells Mary Kay products.

Ed Turlock

This character works in the paint department of Home Depot.

Caitlin and Justin Turlock

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