White Oleander Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Janet Fitch
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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• Astrid, 12, lives with her mother, Ingrid, in Los Angeles.

• Astrid is careful about the way she interacts with her carefree mother, for fear that Ingrid will leave her.

• Ingrid meets Barry at a poetry reading and they begin dating.

• Ingrid begins to behave out of character because of her emotions for Barry.

• Ingrid finds that Barry was merely using her as a conquest and has moved on.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• Ingrid is vengeful because of Barry's rejection of her, so she begins stalking him obsessively.

• Ingrid breaks into Barry's house, wipes out his computer, rips his shirts, and leaves behind oleanders.

• The police show up and Ingrid lies to them about the stalking, saying that he was the one stalking her.

• Ingrid and Astrid go to Tijuana to pick up DMSO, a medication.

• The police show up again, this time to arrest Ingrid.

• Astrid is put in...

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