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Short Answer Questions

1. When Jack wakes up in the middle of the night in Chapter 33, which of his children is staring at him?

2. Who was Jack's fourth wife?

3. Who accompanies Jack to the asylum?

4. Who once confessed to Jack that they had a crush on Winnie Richards?

5. Which medical issue is Jack's doctor concerned with?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jack asks Babette for Mr. Gray's real name, why does she refuse to tell him?

2. Murray says that there are two kinds of people, killers and diers. Which one does Jack say he is and why?

3. According to Heinrich, what are the effects of Nyodene Derivative?

4. How did the mock evacuation in Chapter 28 turn out?

5. Why is Denise concerned about Babette going running, and what does she do about it?

6. What is the Law of Ruins Jack describes?

7. Why is Heinrich crouched outside on the roof at the beginning of Book 2?

8. According to Jack, why does this family not have to worry about evacuating or being affected?

9. What is the (potentially wrong) answer Denise gives Babette when Babette wonders why UFOs always come from upstate?

10. When the family does not want to cook, where do they go and what do they eat?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

To these characters, experiences are validated by external recognition, especially media recognition. While this fixation on television and radio is tied to pop-culture consumerism, it is also a thematic fixation of this novel. Discuss why DeLillo called this book "White Noise". Be sure to include your interpretation of this phrase literally and symbolically, as well as any examples of its use in the text itself. How does it relate to the themes of the text? Is it a good title?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Jack's wives. Write an essay that describes Dana, Janet, Tweedy and Babette in turn, and explains the ways in which they are similar or different. Why did Jack want to marry them? What caused conflicts in their marriages? What does this show readers about Jack?

Essay Topic 3

While Jack is obsessed with a mass-murderer, he is afraid of his own death. Babette seems to think that Jack's biology and jealousy make him predestined to be homicidal. Interrogate her claims, based on evidence from the text. Why does Jack resort to violence? What does it have to do with his academic obsession with Hitler and maybe even his J.A.K. persona? How does DeLillo use German and associations with Germany to explore Jack's fear?

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