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Lesson 1 (from Book 1: Chapter 1 - Chapter 3)


Book 1: Chapter 1 - Chapter 3

DeLillo's opening chapters establish a very definite style and tone that will carry throughout the entire narrative. It will begin to illustrate our understanding of postmodernism as we read deeper into this novel. The objective of this lesson to identify and understand the stylistic features underpinning the setting in these establishing chapters.


1. As a group, read the last sentence of the first paragraph (the one that begins "As cars slowed to a crawl...") aloud. Ask students to make a note which objects they noticed most and which ones "sounded" the best and why. Ask them to consider any elements of poetic language they may have heard (i.e. assonance, alliteration, consonance), and if they can describe a rhythm or melody in the sentence.

2. In pairs, students should identify the elements of setting they find in the first chapter. Ask them: what...

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