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Essay Topic 1

Considering the first two Books of the novel, analyze the way DeLillo uses feelings of non-chalance and calm to characterize the Gladney family. Offer textual examples of how they behave during hectic, stressful, or chaotic situations and explain the fictional techniques (especially dialogue and setting) that help the author achieve this characterization.

Essay Topic 2

The supermarket is an important locale in this novel. Describe what the supermarket means thematically in this novel, remembering to include what happens there through the novel and what role it plays both in the lives of the characters and in terms of advancing the plot.

Essay Topic 3

Although many of the characters are unusual, Heinrich is one of the stranger characters. As a fourteen year old with a receding hairline, is he a good representation of the average American teenager? What are the things about Heinrich that you recognize in your...

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