White Noise Character Descriptions

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Jack Gladney or J.A.K. Gladney

The main character and narrator throughout the novel, this character is a college professor at the College-on-the-Hill and the head of the Hitler department.

Babette Gladney

This character reads to the blind and teaches classes in Posture.

Heinrich Gladney

This character plays chess with a convicted killer.

Murray Jay Siskind

This character is a visiting professor at the College-on-the-Hill and is interested in the academic study of Elvis.


This character is the person who first confronts another character about her Dylar use.


This character has a mother who works for the CIA and loves to burn toast.


This character, who has been living in Korea, briefly appears in the novel.

Howard Dunlop

This person is a former chiropractor who gives German lessons.


This character is the youngest child in his/her family, who has a problem with...

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