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Book 1: Chapter 1 - Chapter 3

• The book opens in a small college town.

• Jack Gladney, chair of the Department of Hitler Studies, and his wife Babette, sit down to lunch with their children, Heinrich, Denise, Steffie, and Wilder.

• A smoke alarm rings and no one in the family is disturbed by it.
• Jack Gladney then goes out lunch with Murray Jay Siskind, a professor interested in pop culture.

• Murray wants to do academically with Elvis what Jack has done with Hitler.
• Jack and Murray visit the Most Photographed Barn in America.

Book 1: Chapter 4 - Chapter 6

• Jack watches Babette run and meditates on their marriage.

• Jack tells Babette that Bee, his daughter from a former marriage, is coming to visit at Christmas

• Bee has been in South Korea, and may not have ever met her half-siblings or step-siblings before.
• At work, Jack begins going by J.A.K. Gladney, to...

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