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John Christopher and Samuel Youd
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Will do that makes the daughter in the castle very angry with him?
(a) He mocks her cap.
(b) He says something negative about the tripods.
(c) He pulls her turban away.
(d) He insults the French language.

2. What do the men in the White Mountains want to do?
(a) Leave the Earth.
(b) Destroy the tripods.
(c) Reverse the effects of the caps.
(d) Make scientific discoveries.

3. How do the French people feel about Will's escape from England?
(a) They find is frightening and dangerous.
(b) They find it bold and adventurous.
(c) They find it humorous and temporary.
(d) They find it treasonous, but reasonable.

4. What does Will confess to the woman who was in the room where he woke up?
(a) He ran away.
(b) He hates his cousin.
(c) He wants to destroy the tripods.
(d) He is afraid of being capped.

5. Where is the thing that Beanpole finds on Will in Chapter 9?
(a) His head.
(b) His knee.
(c) His ear.
(d) His armpit.

6. When were the objects in the river in Chapter 8 constructed?
(a) After the tripods came.
(b) The Before time.
(c) The Black Ages.
(d) The Early Era.

7. What does Beanpole think will should do when the thing is discovered on him?
(a) Leave the group.
(b) Approach the tripod.
(c) Stay put.
(d) Remove the thing.

8. What does Will say to Henry and Beanpole about Eloise joining the tripods?
(a) How surprised he was.
(b) Nothing.
(c) That it helped him decide to escape.
(d) How disgusted it was.

9. What does Henry do when the tripod is out of sight in Chapter 9?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Search for food.
(c) Pray.
(d) Find some shelter.

10. Who finds a good hiding spot?
(a) Henry.
(b) Beanpole.
(c) Will.
(d) They all spot it together.

11. Who is selected as the winner among the women?
(a) The Duchess.
(b) Elaina.
(c) The Comtesse.
(d) Eloise.

12. Why does Will tell the other boys that he will remain at the celebration?
(a) To allay suspicion.
(b) To give them a head start.
(c) To get some extra supplies.
(d) To stay there permanently.

13. Who stands sentinel at the Castle during the night?
(a) A group of knights.
(b) The tripod.
(c) Some priests.
(d) The Comte.

14. What does the river in Chapter 8 have in it at intervals?
(a) Tripods.
(b) Bridges.
(c) Posts.
(d) Dams.

15. What caused Will's shirt to be torn?
(a) The long journey.
(b) The tripod ripped it.
(c) He cut it himself when it got caught.
(d) A fight with Henry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What weapons do the boys use against the Tripod?

2. What does Henry do while the thing is being taken off of Will?

3. What does Will learn while he is healing at the castle?

4. What happens to Will while he is hiding?

5. What do the boys sneak away from in chapter 8?

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