The White Mountains Short Essay - Answer Key

John Christopher and Samuel Youd
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1. What does Will's father have that is so precious to him and why?

Will's father owns the only wristwatch in town, and it is an object of intrigue and value. The wristwatch was made many, many years ago by an ancient civilization that no longer exists. Mr. Parker keeps the watch locked away because it is very valuable.

2. How does Will describe the tripods?

Will describes the tripods as being huge, mechanical beings that dominate humanity. They are approximately sixty feet tall and have huge hemispherical bodies set on three metallic mechanical legs. Several metallic tentacles descend from the body to the ground. The body is set around with green glass windows and there is an opening on the body.

3. Who is the guest of honor at the celebration in the first chapter, and why?

The Capping Day is a day of joy in the village, games are played, and huge feasts are held. Jack is the guest of honor, because he is the only person to be capped on this Capping Day.

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