Objects & Places from The White Mountains

John Christopher and Samuel Youd
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Mr. Parker's Wristwatch

This was made many years ago during the Black Ages and is inscribed "Anti-Magnetique Incabloc." To Will, it symbolizes the unknown past and its allure is very strong.


When individuals reach the age of fourteen they get this. It is composed of a flexible mesh of metallic wires and is placed directly onto and into the shaved head.

Wherton, England

This is the village where Will Parker, Jack Leeper, and Henry Parker grow up. It is a small, rural village some distance from the ocean in the southeast of the country.

The Den

This is Will and Jack's secret hide-out and is located in a collapsing building in the ruins near their village.


These are the 5% of people who respond negatively when they are transformed. Each town has a house for them to be kept and fed until they wander on.

The Tripods

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