The White Mountains Fun Activities

John Christopher and Samuel Youd
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Beanpole's Inventions

Beanpole created many things that were of use in his life. Split the class into groups and give each group a box of seemingly useless objects. Have each group use these objects to create an invention that will be useful.


Prepare a script of part of this book, and perform it, or a portion of it for an audience. Make sure everyone is involved whether they have a speaking part, arrange costumes, prepare set pieces, etc.

Book on Tape

Find a recording of this book on tape and play it for the class. Have the students write about how it felt to hear some of these chapters told out loud in this fashion.

Movie Time

Plan a film version of the book. Cast actors to play the various roles. Discuss why these actors would be good choices.


Beanpole is given a nickname that mirrored...

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