The White Mountains Character Descriptions

John Christopher and Samuel Youd
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Will Parker

This character is born in Wherton, England, and is thirteen years old. The character describes himself as being of fairly average build and possesses a strong determination to succeed.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker

These characters appear to be fairly wealthy, live in a house they own, and have livestock, pets, and servants. They take good care of their children but do not seem to be very affectionate toward them.

Jack Leeper

This character is one year older than the narrator, and is capped. After being capped, this character has little to do with the narrator.

Henry Parker

This character is the narrator's cousin, but they are not close and, in fact, generally consider each other enemies.


This character wanders into Wherton and is assumed to be a vagrant, but is, in fact, a free man who is not Capped.

Captain Curtis

This character commands Orion...

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