The White Mountains Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Christopher and Samuel Youd
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Chapter 1 Capping Day

• This book is set in a futuristic time where tripods have destroyed what humanity once was, and are now controlling it.

• Will's father has a wristwatch- the only one in the town. It is a relic of the Black Ages and is very special. Will takes it out to show his friends.

• Will meets his cousin Henry on the street and runs from him. They hate each other. Jack, Will's best friend helps Will and scolds him for taking the watch.

• Jack and Will go to their hide-out which they call the den. Jack catches a rabbit, and they cook it while talking about the Black Ages.
• The Black Ages are the time before the tripods. Nobody knows much about them. Jack tells Will of a huge ship he saw in a ruined city. Humans once performed great tasks.

• When people turn 14, they get capped...

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