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Short Answer Questions

1. Freud asks those who read the woman's writings to realize what about the women in the hotel?

2. What does Lisa experience for the first time?

3. How does everyone around Lisa feel?

4. When does Lisa realize that it is the same place and she is the same person, though both have aged 40 years?

5. What does Freud want to do with Lisa's case study?

Short Essay Questions

1. To what does Freud relate Anna's history?

2. How does Freud relate Anna's troubles to his theory of the death instinct?

3. How do those waiting in line feel? Why are they waiting?

4. What is the connection between the corsetiere, Madame Cottin and Madame R.?

5. Describe an anecdote Freud shares in the case study.

6. What does Freud say about "Done Giovanni" and "The Gastein Journal?"

7. What are the similarities and differences between Lisa's train ride to the woman's?

8. What is happening to Lisa's desires?

9. What does Freud think about Ann's childhood? Why is questioning Anna difficult?

10. What has happened to Kolya's father?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Madame Cottin represents a woman in Lisa's life.

Part 1) Who does Madame Cottin symbolize?

Part 2) What are the similarities between Madame Cottin and the woman in Lisa's life?

Part 3) Madame Cottin, the man, and the woman are intimate. What is the significance of this?

Essay Topic 2

Lisa's parents are of two different religions.

Part 1) What religions?

Part 2) How does this affect their relationships with their families?

Part 3) How does her father's religion affect Lisa?

Essay Topic 3

Lisa receives letters regarding the deaths of two people close to her.

Part 1) Who are these two people?

Part 2) What events surround their deaths?

Part 3) How is Lisa affected by these deaths?

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