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Short Answer Questions

1. Lisa admits her sexual hang ups are connected to what?

2. To what does Freud relate the woman's history?

3. Why do the men force Lisa to perform oral sex on them?

4. Why does the German officer tell the police officer to kill everyone on the hillside?

5. Why is the woman in a wonderful mood?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the connection between the corsetiere, Madame Cottin and Madame R.?

2. What has happened to Kolya's father?

3. Describe an anecdote Freud shares in the case study.

4. What does the memory of Anna's aunt trigger?

5. Describe the interaction between Lisa and her mother.

6. How is Anna when she returns from Gastein?

7. Describe Vera Serebryokova?

8. What does Anna admit about her husband?

9. What are the similarities and differences between Lisa's train ride to the woman's?

10. How does Kolya respond to Lisa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The camp is a vision of the afterlife.

Part 1) Who is in this afterlife with Lisa?

Part 2) How would you envision the afterlife?

Part 3) Compare and contrast your vision of the afterlife with the vision of the afterlife in the book.

Essay Topic 2

Much of the language in the woman's writings is vulgar, yet sophisticated.

Part 1) What is vulgar about her writings?

Part 2) What makes her writings so sophisticated?

Part 3) Why is her work so shocking and unusual?

Essay Topic 3

Lisa is preoccupied and obsessed with pregnancy.

Part 1) What images does the author use to portray this?

Part 2) Why is she preoccupied with pregnancy?

Part 3) How do her obsession with and premonitions about pregnancy come to fruition in her real life?

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