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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Feeling better, what does Anna do when she leaves Freud's care?
(a) She moves to Kiev.
(b) She pursues her musical career again.
(c) She goes back to the health resort, Bad Gastein.
(d) She gets remarried.

2. Freud asks those who read the woman's writings to realize what about the women in the hotel?
(a) They are Anna's mother and Aunt.
(b) They are different sides of the woman.
(c) They are the women in Anna's life.
(d) They are the woman's friends.

3. What will lead to the woman's healing?
(a) Drugs.
(b) Reliving the memories.
(c) Shock therapy.
(d) Hypnotherapy.

4. Of what is the crowd unsure?
(a) What to take with them.
(b) What they are protesting.
(c) Who is in charge of them.
(d) Where they are going.

5. What scars the woman's perfect memory of her mother?
(a) Her mother cavorting with her uncle.
(b) Her mother arguing with her aunt.
(c) Her mother leaving her to go shopping.
(d) Her mother divorcing her father.

6. Why does Freud threaten to quit the woman's therapy?
(a) She is completely healthy.
(b) He is tricking her into continuing her therapy.
(c) She is rude to Freud.
(d) She does not tell the complete truth.

7. Why is it difficult for Lisa to allow Vera to see her son?
(a) Lisa is jealous of Vera.
(b) Vera may not be a good mother.
(c) Kolya has never met her.
(d) She feels like Kolya's real mother.

8. What does the woman touch whenever she is lying?
(a) Her glasses.
(b) Her pearl earrings.
(c) Her crucifix necklace.
(d) Her nose.

9. Lisa is merely filling in for the master soprano at what theatre?
(a) La Cecchetti.
(b) L'Orlando.
(c) La Scala.
(d) La Garafano.

10. How does Lisa convince the soldier to believe she is a Jew?
(a) She has Jewish features.
(b) She shows him her Star of David.
(c) She shows him her Hebrew Bible.
(d) She recites Hebrew.

11. Why is the woman afraid to have children?
(a) She is afraid of children.
(b) She thinks bad things would happen.
(c) She fears childbirth.
(d) She does not trust herself to raise a child.

12. Why does Freud find the woman impenetrable?
(a) He has still not found the source of her hysteria.
(b) She keeps important information from him.
(c) She believes she is healthy.
(d) She lies to him.

13. According to Freud, why does the woman marry?
(a) She needs someone to provide for her.
(b) She is lonely.
(c) She wants a husband and children.
(d) In a desperate attempt to prove herself normal.

14. The woman has a dream that makes her feel like she does not exist to Freud. What does this mean to Freud?
(a) She does not mean anything to any man.
(b) Her soul does not exist.
(c) Her body is fragile.
(d) She could kill herself.

15. Instead of being shot at Babi Yar, what happens to Lisa and Kolya?
(a) They are in heaven with the angels.
(b) They are in the white hotel.
(c) They are at home in Kiev.
(d) They get off a train on a platform in the middle of nowhere.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Freud not surprised that the woman has a relationship with someone like A.?

2. Why does the German officer tell the police officer to kill everyone on the hillside?

3. How does the news of the serial killer D'sseldorf affect Lisa?

4. What is the latest rumor circulating through the crowd?

5. What does Lisa share in a Christmas letter to Aunt Magda?

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