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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lisa share in a Christmas letter to Aunt Magda?
(a) Her life as an opera singer.
(b) Her experiences at La Scala.
(c) Stories of her family.
(d) Information about her sessions with Freud.

2. The writings, Freud says, allow the woman to do what?
(a) Evaluate her sexuality.
(b) Come to terms with her mother's faults and her own.
(c) Show her abilities as a writer of fiction and a poet.
(d) Rest and recuperate.

3. How does Freud interpret the white hotel?
(a) As heaven.
(b) As an insane asylum.
(c) As a casket.
(d) As the mother's womb.

4. What is the only way to tell the woman's mother and aunt apart?
(a) One wears a cross and one does not.
(b) One has a mole on her cheek and one does not.
(c) They have different hairstyles.
(d) One is taller than the other.

5. What information does the letter contain that Lisa receives?
(a) Victor has been murdered.
(b) Vera has died in childbirth.
(c) Freud has died.
(d) Vera has given birth to her child.

6. In the dream, where does the woman tell the man on the train that she's going?
(a) To Moscow.
(b) To Kiev.
(c) To Paris.
(d) To Vienna.

7. How does Lisa convince the soldier to believe she is a Jew?
(a) She has Jewish features.
(b) She shows him her Hebrew Bible.
(c) She recites Hebrew.
(d) She shows him her Star of David.

8. What does Freud want to do with Lisa's case study?
(a) Give it to Oxford University.
(b) Send it to his friends.
(c) Publish it along with her hallucinatory writings.
(d) Send it to her as a gift.

9. Why does Freud write that the woman must have homosexual tendencies?
(a) She dislikes most men and enjoys the company of most women.
(b) She is not attracted to men, only to women.
(c) Her hallucinations appear when she has sexual contact with men, and her only good relationships have been with women.
(d) She has erotic fantasies about women.

10. Madame Cottin represents Madame R. What is the connection between Madame Cottin and Madame R?
(a) Corset-fitting is similar to the discipline in her ballet studio.
(b) They both teach ballet.
(c) They are both corset-makers.
(d) They look alike.

11. Why is Victor somewhat sad about the birth of his child?
(a) He knows fatherhood is a difficult job.
(b) His first wife and their son died during a war.
(c) He is not sure if he wants children.
(d) He worries about the health of his child.

12. Why is Lisa nervous about her performance?
(a) She has not performed in several years.
(b) She feels too old to sing the part of a young girl.
(c) The audience will include members of the Italian government.
(d) She has never performed at La Scala.

13. Why is the woman in a wonderful mood?
(a) She is pregnant.
(b) She has met a sweet man.
(c) Madame R. is coming to visit.
(d) She has received a letter from Madame R.

14. Lisa admits her sexual hang ups are connected to what?
(a) Her marriage.
(b) The abuse she receives as a young girl.
(c) Her early sexual relationships.
(d) A fear of enjoying herself when she knew others were suffering.

15. It's 1929, and an opera singer named Frau Elisabeth (Lisa) Erdman is traveling from Vienna to what city to perform in a show?
(a) Kiev.
(b) London.
(c) Moscow.
(d) Milan.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Freud, why does the woman marry?

2. Why is Freud not surprised that the woman has a relationship with someone like A.?

3. What do they hear when they stop to eat?

4. How does everyone around Lisa feel?

5. What scars the woman's perfect memory of her mother?

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