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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the woman continue to question the soldier?
(a) She is fascinated with war and wants to know details of his battles.
(b) She is very interested in knowing as much as she can about the soldier.
(c) To distract herself from the visions she is having of him in his coffin.
(d) She finds him very attractive and loves the sound of his voice.

2. What rumor does a retired couple pass on?
(a) One of the maids is smoking.
(b) The sun reflecting off snow on the mountains somehow caused the fire.
(c) The manager of the hotel purposely set it on fire.
(d) The strange couple started the fire.

3. One night as the woman and man are having sex, what are they watching fall into the lake?
(a) Stars, roses, and orange trees.
(b) Dogs, cats, and a chef.
(c) The sun, moon, and stars.
(d) A boat, pagoda, and a cow.

4. Who does the Japanese maid describe?
(a) A "meteor shower couple."
(b) A "moon couple."
(c) A "sun couple."
(d) A "falling star couple."

5. Why is the Japanese maid crying?
(a) She is in love with the young woman.
(b) She is in love with the young man.
(c) She dislikes her job.
(d) She had become friends with Lionheart, who died in the landslide.

6. What does the woman believe are falling into the lake?
(a) White feathers.
(b) Bits of a comet.
(c) Stars.
(d) White roses.

7. What does an opera singer tell her family?
(a) She will be home very soon.
(b) She is injured during the fire.
(c) She is having a horrible time.
(d) She is resting in the mountains.

8. What does the woman use to reveal her character?
(a) Metaphors and similes.
(b) Symbolism.
(c) Descriptive words.
(d) Poetic devices.

9. Who does an old nurse describe?
(a) The delicious food prepared by the chef.
(b) A young paralyzed couple that sits together on the yacht.
(c) The excellent service at the hotel.
(d) The black cat that is stranded in the pine tree.

10. One day, where does the chef appear?
(a) In the parlor.
(b) On the mountain.
(c) Outside the couple's window.
(d) In the lake.

11. With whom does the couple fall in love?
(a) The priest.
(b) The chef.
(c) Madame Cottin.
(d) The paralyzed couple.

12. What do an insurance broker and his wife say about one another?
(a) They want the others to help with the dead bodies.
(b) They are glad they are with one another.
(c) They wish they had come to the hotel alone.
(d) They wish the other had stayed in the hotel.

13. Why is the woman's mother estranged from her family?
(a) She has never gotten along with her mother.
(b) She has an argument with her father.
(c) She marries a Russian Jew.
(d) She marries a Polish Catholic.

14. What does the man do to the woman's hair?
(a) He lights it on fire with his cigar.
(b) He brushes it.
(c) He plays with it.
(d) He cuts it.

15. What does a watchmaker point out?
(a) The lake is turning red.
(b) The snow/stars are melting.
(c) The clocks have all stopped.
(d) The elm trees' leaves have all turned red.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are the man and woman embarrassed when a nun comes across them?

2. Freud immediately relates what two disasters in the woman's life to her hallucinations?

3. To what does the woman give birth?

4. With what is the woman obsessed?

5. What does the army major, Lionheart, announce?

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