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Bad Gastein

This is a health resort in the Austrian Alps where Lisa goes to relax during her therapy.

The White Hotel

This is the center of Lisa's hallucinations. It is a resort by a lake, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

The Black Cat

This is first found stranded in a pine tree at the white hotel and miraculously survives several other disasters and reappears in Lisa's final fantasy as Vaska.

The Left Breast

It is found in Lisa's dream, is seen by a pastor, and gives Lisa pains.

The Wooden Embryo

In her dream, the young woman gives birth to this. In The Gastein Journal Vogel sees this in the lake, and his sister believes this is a symbol of her abortion.

The Womb

This is a reference to Lisa's fear of childbirth.

The Shooting Stars

Guests at the white hotel see large number of these falling into...

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