The White Hotel Character Descriptions

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Frau Elisabeth Morozova-Erdman-Berenstein/Frau Anna G./The Young Woman

This character is born to a Polish Catholic mother and a Ukrainian Jewish father. She experiences many horrific events and losses throughout the book.

The Soldier

This is a character that is a hallucination Lisa meets on a train ride. He is an embodiment of all the sexual feelings trapped inside Lisa to which she does not wish to admit.

Lisa's Mother

This character dies in a hotel fire when Lisa is very young leaving Lisa to a cold and unfriendly father.

Victor Berenstein

Lisa first meets this character at the opera in Milan, where he is starring opposite her. She is fascinated with his joy, friendliness and gentleness and is glad he is older than she is because she fears appearing too old onstage.

Kolya Berenstein

This character is adopted by Lisa after his mother dies in childbirth...

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